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City Sites + Stripes

Let's face it, we all know my love for menswear clothing by now. I came across this amazing belted blouse/dress shirt at Zara a couple of months ago. At first, I was slightly leery about purchasing it because I knew I would feel uncomfortable wearing it as a dress due to its short length. I bought it anyway because I had been searching for a look similar to it. In this picture below I paired the shirt with my vintage Levi's and Dr. Martens. By the way, my Dr. Martens are my favorite purchase this summer. I have been wearing them non-stop and am pretty convinced they can make any outfit 10 times cuter! Luckily I found them on 6pm for almost half the price! (click the link here) I wanted a fun structured, yet grungy look with the outfit. My favorite thing is to mix different styles (street-wear, girly, grunge, chic, structured) and seeing how the outfit turns out. Below I will link similar shirts so you can find one you like that is similar to the one I am wearing!

Hope you enjoy!



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