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There is something about vintage things that has always attracted me. Vintage pictures, clothing, cars, decor etc. It is unique, has its own character. Even my Instagram theme has a vintage "feel" to it. 

This past Sunday my mom and I wanted to play around with her old Minolta camera. I thought the pictures we got would turn out maybe a little "cheesy". After looking at the pictures I couldn't be happier. I felt as if the fun, happy-go-lucky vibe fits perfectly with my personality. I sometimes have a hard time portraying who I really am through pictures. Blogging is an evolving art. I have learned over the past year that I will never be fully satisfied with my feed. I have been learning more and more to take pictures of things that catch my eye, instead of focusing on what other's would find appealing. Instagram is an artistic expression, not a feed to impress others. So have fun with it!

In this picture, I am wearing a cute, summer romper from Indigo Child (this is the most similar looking one I could find on the website). I paired the romper with my Golden Goose sneakers and Zara bag that I have been using non-stop (and is now on sale for $40!). 

Hope you enjoy!



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