Sample Writing: AP Journalism Sample Pieces

Fall 2018

As a Public Relations student at the University of Georgia I was enrolled in a Journalism Writing class in which I practiced and executed new writing skills daily. Through this course I gained professional Journalism writing experience, as well the ability to write in AP Style. Below are a few examples of writing assignments, exercises and class work I completed throughout the semester. 

Story One

Below is a sample piece from a speech story assignment we were tasked with in class. This speech touch based on black female education in the public school system. 

Class Work Exercises 

Below are a few pieces of my writing from class work exercises. My professor would assign us sample write-ups of fake news stories. From these write-ups we would create papers that employed all of our AP writing skills. The goal of these exercises was to learn how to, "write like a journalist". 

ISU Story

Telephone Bill Story

Campus Rape Story